Mass Downloader tesimonials


David Scism    

I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product like MassDownloader. This is the first time I have needed to use it in a couple of years and I was glad to see that my old registration code from 2004 for version 2.7 worked with the newest version. I was trying to use different browsers to download a large 5 GB file from a sketchy FTP server and Chrome, IE, and Firefox all kept failing out after saying they would take about 4+ hours to download. So I downloaded the newest version of MassDownloader, installed, and registered it. I started the download again with 20 threads and I finished the download in less than 30 minutes. Yay! Thanks again! =D


The best download manager, hands down. I never buy a product before researching all competitors carefully, and this is the best one out there.

Markus Feichtinger    

I am sort of a MetaProducts addict :-)) :
Offline Explorer Pro (since Web Downloader)
Mass Downloader (since v1.2)
Picture Downloader (since v1.3)
MailChecker (since v1.0)
AutoDialogs (since v1.0)
TrayIcon Pro (since TrayIcon Explorer 1.2 and TrayIcon Menu 1.0)
Startup Organizer (since v1.2)

TrayIcon Pro, Mass Downloader and Startup Organizer are in use every day (auto-loaded with Windows) and saved my life more than once!

Keep up your excellent work! I have always appreciated the no-nonsense no-bling-bling appearance of MetaProducts' tools.

Benjamin Robert Tubb    

I use to use a registered copy of Download Accelerator Plus, but found out (at the time, although I don’t know if it has changed) that it was “spyware/adware”) and stopped using it. Then I found out about your product, Mass Downloader which isn’t and never has been, as far as I know – besides which I like it MUCH better! Keep up the great support and product innovations! Your company’s product is among my favorites, despite now having a DSL internet connection .


The updated program works fine. Excellent!
Many thanks again and compliment for your very effective and direct program.
I enjoyed it a lot downloading very interesting programs from our radio.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your professional program, which saved me a lot of work, like couple hours for a few people in my company. It works fine and it served for I need, and I will buy it soon.

Phil Nelson    

I purchased quite a while ago. I still get product updates [thank you] and I still love my program. If ONLY I could similarly congratulate the bulk of the industry! Well done.

Steven Weinstock    

Thank you for your timely response and clarification. Your product has proven itself to be superior to my present download manager.

Omar Mohammed    

I would like to thank you for this piece of art. It is definitely the best downloader i have ever used. Regards.

John G Capetown    

I must say I am impressed with the stability and speed of MD and OEPro. Down here in South Africa, we still rely on dial up links for Internet connections, so running at 56Kbps means a good download manager is an essential tool. I have been using Getright for many years, but find it increasingly unreliable lately. Your products give the feeling of being very well engineered. I am currently downloading a 600Meg Linux Iso Image, Download Express has been running for four days without missing a beat (or a byte ;-) at a steady 4.8KB/s on my modem connected at 44000kb/s.

Chance Davis    

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. It has all the features I have been looking for in a download accellerator; it uses the common interface of the browser instead of opening a custom interface everytime you want to download but with the ability to easily call up more details or options, it loads with windows but uses almost no resources, integrates perfectly with Firefox, although I wish I could set Mass Downloader as the default downloader instead of clicking on the button everytime I download something, the program defaults to the last place you downloaded to instead of starting at the My Computer root everytime.

Everytime I use it I love it even more, excellent job! I look for things to download just to use your product.

Jan Martin Pettersen    

I just want to comment on two product I`ve bought of you..

This was definately worth the money..

It seemed rather steep at first, when I was considering it, but I bought the OE, and then the MD (didn`t notice the offer you had), but either way it was worth it..

I have tried several offline tools before, but this did mostly what I wanted, without problems at all.. That`s a first.. Especially when you realize the power of the small macros when used on assorted websites, then you`re really getting somewhere..

And at last I must say, the support is quite fast when you need it..

I definitely would recommend this program to everyone that has a need to download something more than a single file/image/whatever from a site..

The same goes for Mass Downloader.. Very quick on sites which limits bandwith per connection and similar..

An example of the latter.. I wanted to download a BIG file from a site, and got just 1.2KB/s.. That would take hours.. But, MD fixed this.. 30 connections, total 600KB/s.. Much better.. :-)

Sadly the quick line is gone for a period now, but that did an impression.. :-)

Rayappan Savarimuthu    

An excellent and a reliable product, which is yet to fail me in my online game downloads. Persistent and never lets up. Opens and installs downloads without any glitches. I am very satisfied with my investment in this product, thank you very much.

Michael Noone    

Thank you for the registry fix and all is now working well! That will teach me not to scrutinize every registry cleanup......... Thanks for the support I really do appreciate the service as well as a very good product. God Bless you and keep you all.

James Francom    

I have been using your “MassDownloader” for about 6-8 months now, and I have to say; it is by FAR the best download manager that I have ever used. It is extremely well thought out, and seems to anticipate what I want it to do, and then it does it! Please pass my thanks on to the folks that wrote this excellent software.

Frank Hoogerbeets    

Great compliments for the mozilla browsers' plugin. With this plugin I found the Mass Downloader and Download Express are the most stable download managers for Firefox.

Rob Silva    

I have just downloaded the latest update to Mass Downloader - I must say I really like the new Drop Box with status display and I have been wishing for the Pause feature for a long time.

Over the years, I have acquired Mass Downloader, Offline Explorer (and then Pro), Download Express, Links Organizer and Startup Organizer. I have seen all of these products steadily develop and increase their capabilities.

I have always found the products to be very practical and helpful for me. Especially important to me is that your products have not become "bloatware" as so many Windows products become.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and to congratulate you on a fine suite of products.

I have been very happy with the investment I`ve made in your products and I have been happy to introduce them to many of my colleagues.

May you continue your fine tradition for many years to come.

Wesam Al-Farra    

I have no question or query, I am just sending you this message to thank you for the wonderful improvements that have been done on version 3.0 of Mass Downloader, ooh...and it is also FREE for previously registered users!! I will be always faithful to MetaProducts software. And Thank You again


Metaproducts Mass Downloader is amazing software.I think you have created a best software for downloading.Congrats to Metaproducts. Keep it up.

Steve Armstrong-James    

I`ve been using your Mass Downloader program these last few days and I must say that it`s an excellent piece of software. It beats Get Right down to the ground!

Thanks again!

Richard L. Smith, Jr.    

I just wanted to thank you for the link to get the new Mass Downloader. It is a wonderful product, and since I`ve had it I haven`t used anything else. It greatly increases the speed of all my downloads. Once again, thank you very much.

Tejbir Singh   Punajbi University, Patiala, INDIA  

I find Massdownloader as one of the best software for downloading files over internet.

Francesco Ponticelli    

I`ve just runned for the 1st time Mass dowloader and, after downloading ina few minutes a big file, I think it is the faster and most reliable download software I ever tried!

Brad Smith   Tucows Review Staff  

I am a reviewer and now a heavy-user of MD, love it to death, and I personally think it`s a great thing for parental control to keep track of what`s downloaded onto your computer. The best option this program has is the option to browse a zip file before downloading, and then giving the option downloading before and after you`ve looked into the file...excellent work guys, keep up the good work.

Brad Smith

Justin Gane    

Hi, I really am inpressed with your product, but I would really appreciate it if you consider useing my sugestion because it is the only thing left out of Mass Downloader that would make it a amazeing product:

Here is my suggestion:

Make it possible to have 4or whatever amount of consecutive downloads downloading all the time i.e (When one of the "4" downloads are finished it jumps to the next in the List and the queue is removed so when one more of the new "4" is finished it jumps to the next ect.)

Your loyal user



Your product is really great !!! get right and all of these poor toys are far away....

I talked about it to my friends.

Ray Kopczynski    

KUDOS to your team for "Mass Downloader" ! Excellent product!

Frederic St-Pierre    

I agree with said above(below) statements! This program is a marvel. I`m surprised noone made this before now! Great tool for fast AND slow users alike!

David Sleeckx    

This program let you download 20 times faster and more... If you have a server wherefrom you want to download a program but the server only grants a downloadspeed of 10Kb/sec, this program opens 20 connections so the file downloads at 200Kb/sec ... Really nice...

FALANAG Alain    

For the REST is the best product I have ever seens for this, I have download a 17 Mb file in 5 minutes !



Just wanted to let you guys know that the Mass Downloader is the bast damn file downloader I have ever seen. I mean, it rocks. The custom # of threads, graphical chart of downloads, user-friendlyness... awesome. You people need to start working for Microsoft or something ;) I guess "Get Right 4.0" will now be leaving the premises of my hard drive.

Looking forward to buying the full version.

Great job!


Hi All,

I`ve tried your mass dounloader 1.2 beta and ... Its fantastic!! When are you going to release the product?? I`m dying to get a registered version! This is the first downloader that I come across thats very fast! Others just normal speed (snail pace loader!)


Chaojun Zhou    

I am a fan of internet. I often read homepages and download large files from some very slow and busy websites. I always failed to down these files because the web brower finally give up the download process.

By your Mass downloader, The Transfering rate is increased greatly. I do think your mass downloader is much fast that IE5.0.

Thanks very much for you soft.

Sincerely yours, Chaojun Zhou


Thank you for a great product! It beats the pants off Go!Zilla, NetAnts, etc. especially where it counts, in raw speed IMHO (which is why I`ve purchased a copy :-)).

I also much prefer Mass Downloader`s method of `browser integration`. By monitoring for a non standard mouse event (i.e. ALT + click), navigation of web sites rife with CGI links is far more comfortable. My experience with Go!Zilla (`send back to browser`) and NetAnts (`cancel download`) which monitor the standard mouse click was very frustrating in this particular area.

Regards, Wayne.

Dave Wojo    

I do a ton of downloading and I have a very slow dial-up connection.
I live out in the boonies and I am stuck with 26,400 bps.

I have used download express for months because of the resume feature and finally tried mass downloader.


I don`t purchase allot of software that I download, I am very picky.
I download and try lots of stuff. This one is a keeper!

Also I am VERY impressed with your response to my question.
There are many companies that claim that they have fast tech support.
They don`t even answer.
Then the giants like Macromedia send a canned response.
Not anything useful... just wasted bits & bytes

I am very impressed with the quick personal response I received from you!

Karoll   CNP Tech. CO.  

Hi, I love your mass downloader! :-) This is the fastest downloader among such tools that I ever used. And it`s convenient too.

When do you plan to release the registable version? I just can not wait... Do you have schedule to product hardware bundled with this software? If yes, I would like to be your agency.

Happy new millenium. With my best regards.

Devrim GECEGEZER    

Dear programmer Thanks for your great effort to write this beautiful program. Bye and have a nice code......

John Samuel    

I would like to give some thoughts about Offline and Mass:

Offline Explorer-Great Work!! The only things missing is Folders inside Folders, and the possibility of saving/loading your filelists (Just like Go!zilla)

MassDownloader- Needs some more work

  1. Same as above(Folders, multiple filelists)
  2. When adding files with the same name the only options are not to download it or to ovewrite the existing. Needs the option to rename the new added manually, to autorename it(maybe selecting the format too)
  3. Not existing the option to build the full path when saving a file(this could also be an alternative way to solve the problem with the same names) (This feature exists on NetVampire)
NICE JOB anyway. Keep Working . THe best is the exellent clean interface and the offered options.


Andrew Zakharov    

It is the best downloaing program from those which I ever saw!

Tim Tibbetts  

…We have always been a big fan of Mass Downloader, it has saved us a lot on

Casper Gondelach    


I really love your Mass Downloader program. It is really great. I advised it to much people, friends and people in newsgroups and IRC, and now it is a very much used program under the users of Superweb (the first Phone-free internet Provider in Holland). I really love your program. I can download to 8,5 kb/s with it using Superweb. With programs like Getright, only 1,5 kb/s. Really great!

Greetings, Casper

Jason Cornelius    

Just started using a program called "Mass Downloader". I haven`t tried many of it`s functions yet, but one thing I have tried many many times, is it`s unique ability to display the contents of zip and archive files BEFORE downloading them, and allowing you to SELECTIVELY download the contents of the archive.

If you just wanna read the readme file in the zip, then download only the readme file. Never have to download a 10MB zip file just to get hold of the one missing file again.

Never seen this function in any program before, and I think it`s the bee`s knees.

Bruce R.    

I am using Mass Downloader 2.6.398. In the past, I always updated my Internet Explorer versions using the MS interactive Windows Update and never bothered to order any of the newly updated IE versions by buying a back-up CD from Microsoft. Since MS has stopped download support for IE versions prior to IE 6.0, I got in a jam when I had to re-install old versions of IE. Recently, I found a website that still had full installation versions of Internet Explorer (IE 3.0 to IE 5.5 SP2). Mass Downloader saved me with the huge task of downloading all the archived IE back-versions. This took a long time, with dial-up, but I just left my computer on (turned off the monitor) and MD did a sequence download of 10 IE versions totalling over 200+ MB. Even when my ISP disconnected me (and my Internet Options did a redial) MD took-up right where it left off. Thank you for a great product with all of its file Properties logging and configuration Options.


I wanted to let you know that I tried your Mass Downloader! and all I can say is WOW!!!! and you can quote me on that! It is BY FAR the FASTEST downloader I have found ANYWHERE! and it is VERY EASY to use!.

Adrian J.M. Cunniffe    

I have indeed tried many download managers, freeware, shareware and indeed up to the purchase of MassDownloader wasted, yes, wasted money on so called `programs that will change the way you download forever!!`. Well all I can say is that as far as I am concerned, MassDownloader from MetaProducts is NUMERO UNO and of that there is no doubt, in fact I would challenge anyone to convince me otherwise.

Debbie Sennett    

I`m beta testing your latest Mass Downloader, I have to give you thumbs up on this--it`s the best downloading program I`ve ever seen--keep up the good work.

GoldLimit Soft

We know Mass Downloader on Internet.The design is perfect and the function is stable. We like your software very much. We also develop some software,such as Internet Network Neighbor,which is popular now. For some same characteristic of our software(for Internet application) and different market, we wish to build frontpage link with you.     full story

Quite often figures can lie where download managers are concerned, but there are ways to double-check certain readings. We ran a Network confirmation piece of software to double check the consistency of the kind of figures that Mass Downloader was displaying whilst downloading. Though not the fastest of download managers, Mass Download certainly rated amongst the highest.

One thing that did take us by surprise however was the fact that for one of those rare occasions, we feel that we have actually come across a piece of software, where we almost agree with the developer`s claims that a product is as good as they say it is. Mass Downloader certainly takes some beating as regards consistency of speed. We hardly noticed any sign of erratic changes whilst downloading. This program seemed to use our bandwidth with utmost efficiency.

And as if speed and consistency aren`t good enough! Mass downloader absolutely excels when it comes to stability. This software never once gave us any trouble, no blue screens of death, no messages such as, “This program has caused an illegal error and will be shut down. Nothing. Just an absolute rock solid Formula 1 pedigree program.

Installation of the software is easy and trouble free. We certainly don`t envisage any problems for the earliest of software users.

The configurations of Mass Downloader are wide and varied, yet easily understandable. The most novice user will soon master the interface, which in actual fact is very informative in itself and an absolute pleasure to use. Registration of the product is a simple cut and paste routine. I do get the impression that this program has been designed and built with both the novice and the advanced user in so much as it`s simple enough to understand yet gives the expert many over ride features for manual use.

I particularly liked the fact that the user has the option to line up downloads, pointing them to different locations, press the Start button and sit back and relax till the goodies come in. We didn`t seem to suffer any resource issues either, meaning we could get on with browsing on our broadband system with minimal fuss or interference.

We even tested Mass Downloader on a small Pentium 166 with a standard 28kbps modem and found our downloads coming in at speeds that Internet Explorer could only dream to match; though resources would be bound to suffer somewhat on this size of system, we wouldn`t let that put you off trying the software, simply because it`s such a pleasure to use. Much nicer to use and faster at downloads than the likes of Download Accelerator and a lot easier to understand than DL Expert.

A real boost to any quality product is the customer support. Fortunately, we had no cause to make a technical enquiry, but when we did put the publisher to the test, as we always do with any new client, the response time was amongst the fastest and most accurate in detail as regards information supplied. We always test this side of customer support anonymously and we never tell the publisher which contact email we use.

Although we didn`t need assistance, we still believe in good customer relations and Meta Products certainly meet our high standards when it comes to communicating information to the novice or advanced user, taking your level of experience into account.

Stability is not an issue with StartUp Organizer and installation couldn`t be simpler if someone else was to install the software for you.

The Meta Products web site has recently developed into such a gorgeous area to conduct your purchases, you almost feel like you have missed it when you return.

In compliment to Mass Downloader, the web site is also informative and a pleasure to use, we certainly think it`s worth taking a look at for some other very interesting and useful products in the Meta Products Range.

Mass Downloader is a strong contender for the PC Club Aid Product of the Year Award 2002. A quality product that does what it says it does and backed up by marvelous support.

What more could you ask for?

Product: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Web Site: 10/10
Total: 30/30

Bruce Randall    

You and your staff have demonstrated excellent support service and this shall be noted to my private computer technicians, for positive recommendations to potential customers.

Thank you, one and all in your support staff, Alexander!!!

Mike Compton    

Dear Alexander,
Thanks for the quick reply and fix. Problem seems to be solved so you will be soon receiving my credit card details. Impressed by your service!

Many thanks

Bryan Austin    

I downloaded your Mass Downloader and fell in love with it as soon as my first Download was complete.

Marsha Harrington    

I would like to comment on your download program product. It is the best out there that I have found so far. I have tried quite a few, and this one works wonders with a dial up modem a lot faster on downloads than anything. I am most likely going to buy it!! Thank you.

Sean Elliott    

I`ve been using this for a month now and it really kicks gozilla, download accellerator and getright`s a**.