MetaProducts Offline Browser

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MetaProducts Offline Browser  1.2

Extremely simple offline browser - just one click to download a site!

Price: $49.95

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MetaProducts Offline Browser

MetaProducts Offline Browser downloads Web pages or entire Web sites, including images, sounds, video and other media files to your hard disk, flash drive or memory card. This will enable you to browse saved content while offline.

Save e-books, news articles, photo galleries and more to your drive so that you can browse them whenever an internet connection is unavailable.

Website Downloader

MetaProducts Offline Browser is an offline browser/Web site download utility. It has a simple user interface and attaches its toolbar to the browser window. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Opera.

Floating Toolbar

The application appears as a handy, floating toolbar near the upper right corner of your Web browser. Browse to the page you want to save and click Download to begin downloading the page to your disk. The page will be placed in the MetaProducts Offline Browser's WebList. The WebList allows you to manage downloads in many ways - browse downloaded pages offline, delete unnecessary downloads or change the download options to download a larger part of the site. When you don't need it, it is easy to minimize MetaProducts Offline Browser to the Windows Notification Tray.

One Page or Many

MetaProducts Offline Browser allows you to save offline pages you are viewing. You also have the option to download pages linked to the page you are viewing. For example, you are reading the first page of a news portal with news titles (links) listed. Just configure MetaProducts Offline Browser to download this page plus all linked content and you will be able to read the full stories later directly from your disk. (To download more than the page you are viewing please use the Wizard button of the MetaProducts Offline Browser Main Menu.)