Portable Offline Browser 6.0 New Features

Portable Offline Browser 6.0 New Features

New interface

Portable Offline Browser 6.0 introduces a new and exciting Office 2010-like interface. We improved the application interface to include some new features and provide more flexibility while working with Portable Offline Browser.

The simple design of the Ribbon enables you to find all the powerful tools in Portable Offline Browser.

You can use the Minimize the Ribbon arrow button to hide the Ribbon so that you have more room for Projects and the Internal Browser.

One of the big changes you’ll notice is when you click File tab and see a new Backstage View.

In Backstage view, you’ll find the important commands:

The lower part of the screen enables you to monitor and control your downloads. You can change views to display essential information:

We re-designed many dialog boxes to make them easier to use, and less cluttered.

The new search field in Options and Properties dialogs makes it easier to find the desired setting by a keyword.

If you deleted a project by a mistake, the Tools - Deleted Projects dialolg enables you to find and restore it.


Overloaded directories are now cached in memory to improve speed when accessing them.

New Power Features

We added support for search forms on downloaded web pages. Portable Offline Browser detects search requests offline and shows a list of all project downloaded pages with the searched phrase.

Portable Offline Browser now supports downloading Flash video from the major video hosting sites. Video playback is available offline on the downloaded pages. Full-screen playback is possible.

Portable Offline Browser is fully compatible with URLs that contain unicode domain names.

Export became better - more settings for EXE viewer creation. It also contains the Hide button to keep the export process running in background and allows to continue working with other projects.

The improved Project Properties - URL Substitutes feature was redesigned to allow:

We added the ability to specify download directory per project and use the URL Macros editor in the Project Properties dialog.

We hope you will enjoy these new exciting features and improved power of our product!

Best regards,
MetaProducts Corporation