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Welcome to the world of Site Ripping? That`s Right! Offline browsing is at your fingertips. Offline Explorer Pro is a offline browser program that allows all of you users out there to download your favorite Web sites for later viewing or editing. Is this golden or what?

To help you out, MetaProducts has embedded an easy wizard to make site ripping easy and quick. Within seconds you`ve learned the basics of downloading an entire site. You can download the site by level, making this even more precious. If you only want a few pages to look at, you can set it up this way.

Now, here`s the cool part...once you`ve ripped the site, Offline Explorer Pro will go back and grab only the modified material. Teamed with a macros and automation program, a connection to the Internet, and this program, you could be up to date on a constantly changing website, with a connection time of maybe 15 minutes, depending on what you rip. Enjoy this one, I`m already loving it.

Offline Explorer 1.9 at

- by Nick Smith

If you pay for an Internet access on a timed-formula, or have a generally lousy connection, off-line browsing is the way to go. This program is one of the best you can use for browsing web pages while disconnected. Within this single program, Offline Explorer allows you to download and view any site on the Internet. You can load up to 100 web sites simultaneously, and can include or exclude individual servers, directories and files with simple keywords. To download a page, type a URL in the address bar, drag and drop a link onto the interface or paste an address from the Clipboard.

Offline Explorer supports FTP and can handle all JavaScript and Java Classes. The program works by downloading "projects" consisting of the web sites you wish to view off-line. Offline Explorer works incredibly well with your normal browser. It can directly import your favorite sites and bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Navigator and Opera. You`ll find no problem accessing particular sites because the program will handle everything from passwords to cookies.

I was amazed with Offline Explorer`s download and retrieval speeds. I also enjoyed having the ability to set limits on downloads. Rather than downloading an entire site, I could grab only the information I wanted. Offline Explorer receives four smileys.

StartUp Organizer V1.1 review at Tucow - 5 cows

StartUp Organizer V1.1 review at Tucow - 5 cows

StartUp Organizer is simply that! It links into the registry editor and MS-config feature on every Windows box, which is beyond cool (if you know what you are doing). If you are a basic user, read about everything there is on this program and what it can do.

Although basic users will have to read up on the program before using it, StartUp Organizer is a utility you can`t live without if you are constantly trying out new programs.